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the gauntlet on the same day we're beefing up u.s. troop presence in the region. iran threatens to destroy u.s. military bases across the middle east and go after israel within minutes of being attacked. get ready, this legal holiday year things are getting hot and heavy over there. welcome, everybody, glad to have you. happy 4th. fox on top of iranian revolutionary guards test firing missiles into the air. they say they could easily reach every city in israel and every u.s. and military base in the region. the latest from jerusalem. >> it's a tense july 4th on a lot of u.s. military basis. in the past few hours a leader in iran's revolutionary guard saying in effect, watch out, you're in our sights. threatening and direct language about taking out u.s. military basis within minutes of an attack on iranian soil and also said his missiles were in range of any city in israel. in the past 24 hours, we've learned the united states has based a squadron, f22 stealth fighters capable of penetrating deep into iran for an attack. this as iran is spending three days launching their shahab 3 missiles in
throughout the afternoon. thanks for trusting fuss your -- trusting us for your world and information. "your world," with neil cavuto is next. >> someone is down. someone is down. >> seven down in theater nine. >> i have a child victim. i need rescue at the theater nine. now. >> bringing the bodies out. get someone here as soon as you can. >> chilling 9-1-1 tapes of the colorado movie master -- massacre. today, a search for answers. >> if you are regular viewer you know by now i often say the show is not about red or blue but green, your money. today it is about black. and death. needless. pointless. senseless. a movie master that wasn't a movie taking from folks who, like us, only wanted to see a movie. like many of you i have kids, too. like many of you my thoughts were and are racing too. i have read allowed, again, about where they are going, and yes, what movie they seeing. and like many of you there is a familiarity to all of this and it is just repeating. but it is the black hole of notening able to ever fully understand how this can happen that has me, like you, so unsettled. that is
is emphasizing the point these missiles can take out u.s. military basis within, quote, minutes. they have a range of 1250 miles. that puts about 100 to 120,000 u.s. service members in the bull's eye. that shown in yellow. in red, countries with u.s. bases, bahrain where the fifth fleet is based. also bases in afghanistan where there's a massive u.s. military presence as well as bases in kuwait. of course there's a map that includes any city in israel which gives iranians a lot of targets. the change in rhetoric but the iran'sance from threatening just israel to the united states. it gives the u.s. an excuse to buil up military tear forces and could take on iran if necessary and a lot of military fire power in the region come october when there's a joint israel-u.s. military tear joint training exercise. many say that exercise would be the perfect prelude for an attack on iran by the united states or israel or perhaps both. >> man, oh, man. thank you very much. u.s. ships moving in and now a senior pentagon official warning iran not to send fast boats out. if it does, the official says we'
. the national search for understanding gives us something to do and some desperate order for us to claim. as a friend at fox put it something to occupy our mind, our minds racing with thoughts who made it out the those who did not. those still in the hospital. and the funerals to come, the greening to endure. and, then, the new day, later this summer, but i guess we move on. until then it is a mad media rush which i am a part, truth be told, trying to make desperate sense of scenes played and replayed that doctors will abide their patients not to watch and i cannot blame them. it could set off depression or copycats or a disturbing sense of horrible real drama. the worse kind of reality show. but reality, however. the he is not about red or blue. and god knows i am not a psychologist or psychiatrist. but whoever you look to for guidance, say a prayer. and ask for the wisdom not so much to understand this but how, together, we can find our way to a better day. i don't know what else to say. back to what the heck happened this day. to set up this craziness. to adam with the latest in color
gasp. not good for retailers trying to wow them into stores and not good for a u.s. the president prying to renew a lease on a certain home. ted weisberg connecting the hits and misses. >> i think you've hit the nail on the head. it seems like we're walking in a saucepan and that sound we hear is -- seems to be the air coming out of the economy. everything is simply going flat. now, this is not a good week to make judgment, it's a short, holiday week. but you can't argue with the numbers and the numbers are pretty anemic. >> everyone calls it a short week. all right it's been the longest week of my life. i don't know why. let me get your sense about what the numbers generally say. you followed them closely and over the years have seen us going from a couple of pieces on information on jobs to more than a dozen of such figures today. same with retail and individual department store sales. collectively will you getting a sense be that we're just slowing down ongoing in reverse? could web we be going into other recession. >> my prism is through the eyes of the investors that we see.
, no one is bailing us out. that's called capitalism. up the freedom to succeed at exponential levels and freedom to fail. >> neil: but the market is singing the industry's praises, saying financials got beat down and they're coming up back and they're to be trusted. they're not going to experience what they did before. >> i think the financial market, the balance sheets and income statements of these banks, credit swiss, bank of america, there needs to be an enormous amount of work done on the expense side of the income statement to get them back in place where they're solvent on their own feet. >> you think there's a possibility we could revisit a financial melt down. >> absolutely. the marketplace in general does not recognize the problems in the infrastructural process. pension reform needs to be addressed. entitlement programs need to be addressed. >> all financial issues, all issues in general, get caught up in it. >> absolutely. >> on that cheerful note, thank you very much. >>> in the meantime do any of you remember this? >> i'm already feeling the burn. >> really, really? >>
, because he has use executive privilege to prevent the people from knowing the truth about what happened with "fast and furious," resulting in a loss of life. it is time to open transparency and do something called upon by the american people to know what happened and get to the bottom of the outrageous scandal. >>neil: maybe because the economy has been struggling, the president and democrats in general are trying to make you the issue, and maybe your wealth, your bain capital days and a lot of your defenders say you are not responding aggressively enough talking about the virtues of private capital. are you waiting for the fall? or are you feeling the arguments are not worthy of a counter? >>guest: i respond to the attacks but they say in politics if you are responding you are losing. the better course for our campaign is to respond to the attacks as being off base, for instance, independent fact checkers find it false and misleading and we point it out. but, perhaps, most importantly i give a speech each day and i talk about the issue people care about and that is the failure of the p
crawford, even more that that, people used to reading opinions can see how the four descenters were furious. i mentioned this on friday, i have no inside information but you could tell they are furious because they were -- they thought he was playing optics and he was. >> neil: you were on this before anyone. it struck me, what did you know? we only got indications of this ourselves in the last 24 hours, so my hat's off to you. but i want to know what you make -- you know how the court arrives at decisions. i can't imagine this is the first time it's concerned about appearances. >> it hasn't. this is why the court doesn't deserve the reverence it gets. we've had slightly over 100 justices over the course of our history. some have been brilliant and principled and upheld the constitution, some of them have been vain, senile and crooks. and unethical. they're human beings, imperfect as the rest of us. god didn't i am bue them with more wisdom. they put on black robes and we expect them to add here to the constitution yet there are many cases in history, dredge scott promoting slavery. upholdi
am trace gallagher. shepard is back with us for the fox report and neil cavuto with "your world," and mitt romney. >>neil: imagine talking to a group where you know more than nine out of ten not audience don't much like you or at least strongly prefer your opponent. imagine being mitt romney speaking to the naacp. today. not a solid republican demographic, we will say. welcome, everyone, president obama got 96 percent of the african-american vote four years ago. polls similarly strongly today. enter romney to say he would be a better presidential choice for them today. that went surprisingly okay for him. that is, until romney started ripping the president's health care law. then, this. >> if our goal is jobs, we have to stop spending over $1 trillion more than we take in each year. so to do that i'm going do eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. and it includes obamacare and i will work to reform. >> boo! >> boo! >>neil: that want well. and then mitt romney, with me, recalling that moment moments later. >> we expected that, but i will give the same mention
from voter participation center. >>neil: and it was signed with a paw print. >>guest: they used publicity like everyone else claiming they go off the publicities and they believe romney campaign is full of it. others say, no, no, no, this group started as part of a foundation from 2003 and they claim there is a political agenda behind it that the officials are democratic campaign consultants, former ones. the guy who helps out with the voter registration forms, according to the website, is a form worker for obama for america. previously serving in the campaign's media department and a field agoer in 2008. nothing wrong with that, but credit is say that shows they are partisan. they say, no, they are not, they are trying to increase voter registration by the majority of groups that have been underserved. i don't know if that includes the dogs. >>neil: we showed eight dogs and we tookest to show that four were republican and four were democrat. republicans now, did you see this latest development? not really but a new poll does find that republicans are getting generally more ja
, five percent quarters, but nothing like that at this stage. is this what we get used to? do we celebrate this? are the markets embracing the new paradigm? >>guest: well, it will all come down to the election november. the tone and tenor is set by who is in office and the difference between reagan and even the clinton economies certainly the bush economies when we are coming out of recession, there was optimism there and i boil it down when i look at the economy, am i personally feeling on the his tickst i am not. i see my younger daughter unable to get a job out of college for 18 months, i see taxes going up. i see my health care bill going up. i see us unable, even if we wanted to, sell our home. so, just on a microlevel, and extrapolate that across all the households in the country, pretty much everyone is feeling the sail. -- the same. i am unwilling to sum because of those things. you magnify that and 1.5 percent looks, well, i guess that is good but i don't think anyone is happy about it. i pe that changes with the next election. >>neil: i am curious, gary, about the white
gone people on main street get a sense, you know, washington is messing up, again, not that the u.s. economy is not able to be robust or the engine of the world, but we are not living up to our potential and it feels like if we are spending all weeks and days talking about romney, what day did he leave bain it is ridiculous. >>neil: i don't even know why we care but i am sure there is a rationale but i have a question for you about this escalating deflection from the committee. i understand it. the best offense is not to be on defense. right? and you don't want to be on defense on this dicey recovery so did you focus on this stuff but it comes at a time when you hear stuff from the president that is taking credit or that the government should be taking the credit for a lost entrepreneurship. and this particular comment from the congress rang joshed -- ran rankled you. >> you have a business did you not do that someone else made that 457. >> you have a business you do not take a bow? >>guest: that was probably the most despicable comment i heard so far. it is petty. it is heart wrenc
. that was not a ploy to use the beautiful star. but, welcome, everyone, i am nelson mandela. scarlett may not have to worry about her any paycheck but she is getting $20 million to play a super hero in a sequel due out in two years, the president playing super hero to middle class americans, today, promising their taxes will not go up next year, and scarlett has reason to smile. she is bankable. and if i say so, myself, beautiful. but the president not so much. but he has republicans seeing stars because he will hike taxes on the upper income like scarlett, but with a lousy jobs report and unemployment at 8.2 percent, is this the kind of recovery you try? charles payne says forget it. and you need not be a hot super hero to see it even though he is. so, charles, it is weird? >>reporter: tax hikes, tax hikes, tax hikes, but other than the guise of taking the rip, the $250,000 all of a sudden is rich. even nancy pelosi of all people, nancy pelosi is saying, well, $250,000, mr. president, ain't rich. >>neil: he wants do make it $1 million. >>reporter: that should be a starting point when you talk abo
this to be a consistent effort and just to stay on offense. what upsets all of us on heard what he said on saturday, obama is attacking our heritage. he is attacking the american dream. he is attacking why we, as americans, are special and exceptional and different from so much of the rest of the world. he is putting us down as individuals. >>neil: he says he is not. what he is saying is that these entrepreneurs could never have done it on their own, that we have the very system in place and the very opportunity and infrastructure whatever you want to call it, that allows this to happen and it sounds like a stretch. what do you make of that, no man is an island? no entrepreneur is in it on his own? >>guest: no, no entrepreneur is on his own. but, though entrepreneur can succeed when they are being taxed at this tax rate, with corporate tax rate, cap 258 -- capital gains tacks and the epa and other departments are in their face. this is not about roads and cops and firefighters and bridges. this is about fundamentally transforming our society. obamacare has nothing to do about roads. >>neil: you are not li
where they are. >> can you tell us their reaction when they first heard their son's name? >> i think the per's statement clarifies that a bit as to how they reacted. >> she says she didn't know ... (inaudible). >> i thinken can imagine how they are feeling. anyone who has ever been a parent. >> possibly. possibly. possibly. (inaudible). >> not at this time. (inaudible) that's not exactly what she said and i think that was the interpretation that the media were give dog that statement that, somehow, she was like, well, i'm not surprised that this is the person and that's not what she was saying. >> can you elaborate on that? >> i am not going to comment on that. i represent them. >> i understand that. >> i was referred to them by another lawyer. they enreferred to me by another lawyer. >> how long --. >> as i said as well as anyone could under the circumstances. (inaudible) that's her statement. she felt it was very important for everyone to understand the sequence of events and what he said, what she said. and not misconstrue the situation. >> what about the statements that have been
small businesses or individuals who file taxes as small businesses, and the president used 3 percent number, of course, when it comes to the numbers and the argument, but it is a lot people they use people, and if they can get around with fractions they get away with fractions but the 3 percent is so critical, we though that most small businesses are one or two people and they are not going to get snared but the job creators, the small businesses that create jobs, the trillion dollars generated by the small businesses that 3 percent is half of it, a huge load to the economy, to small businesses. >>shepard: but he lumps the well to do and part of it could seem like a cheap ploy to team up with scarlett johansson. >>reporter: well, it got me here. >>neil: is $20 million and overcrowd they could take an increase but that is a big, big swing from the $250,000. we lose sight of that. >>reporter: we do and that is why we label things like buff get. a husband and wife who have a plumbing operation, who have a moving operation and own a couple of laundromats, they have worked their way up th
's defense, they throw up quotes. in the memo they issued they used quotes from members of congress saying, we all want to solve the sequester. that is less certain that "we will" solve the sequester. >>eric: thank you, sir. >> critics slamming the new labor department directive on layoffs. florida congressman and friend of mine, allen west, has questions, also. we asked the labor department to comment on this. so far, silence. colonel, tell us of the timing. boy, it certainly feels political to me. am i wrong? >>guest: no, you are not wrong whatever. absolutely, it is political. it was just a couple of weeks ago, and i sit on the armed services committee in the house of representatives, and we had a hearing with several leaders in the defense contracting industry. with lockheed martin, also with prosecute -- pratt whitney and they said they will have to follow the warren act a 1998 law. as you brought out in your initial segment, you could open yourself up for lawsuits if you do not provide this warning. you see an obama administration looking at what a pentagon official talked about, abo
. so you do that backward it puts us as november 1. >>guest: the election is november 6. so, it is not the defense department, but the defense contractors who have to do the business, required by federal law with mass layoffs they are required to tell their employees at least secretary days out. it is called the warren act, it is a federal law. a lot of the contractors have said, wait, we arefraid of the cuts, the automatic spending cuts. we will have to invoke the warren act and warm our employees and the timing is right before the election. the labor department yesterday actually issued official guidance which oversees the act saying, no, no, no, we don't think you need to issue the warnings, we are convinced the automatic cuts will be eliminated by then and so we don't think you need to do that. if the sequesters go into effect they fall under a part of the law that is unforeseen circumstance, so, you are protected from not having done that. the defense contractors are in the so sure and if you talk to employment lawyers, they are not so shut, either. third advise seems t
federal dollar. >>neil: when that is borrowed, that 4 percent of what we are doing is going to uses that cannot be used tax cannot be taken in a constructive sense. >>guest: going to a black hole of debt. but, going back to something everyone has for gotten. remember a couple of months ago, on obama's re-election website, he launched julyia, and he walked us through her life, from cradle, literally, to grave, with the help and the hand out of government. she starts out with the head start program. and she ends up on medicare. let's celebrate. because we know the individual cannot do anything without the help of government. that's what democrats and obama are saying and you are right, republicans have spent money, too, over the last decade. but we have a real problem that the president thinks money falls out of the sky. >>neil: i know we -- i remember last year at this time we looked at the aaa rating and we lost that pristine rating and the argument against it was, don't these guys know that we can just print more money and it will never be unable to pay our bales because we can pri
our expert whose come on the program say this is just to make us feel better. kneelings and -- needles in sandwiches coming from amsterdam. i am staying here. that is it for "studio b" and the dow is up and neil cavuto is next. stand clear. >> i also ask anyone making over $250,000 to go back to the rates they paid under bill clinton because by the way, that worked. nearly 23 million new jobs were created. the largest budget surplus in our history. >>neil: and now a guy is wondering why this president thinks it will do wonders for him. >> welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. this message just in from art laffer to president obama. i knew bill clinton. i voted for bill clinton. bill clinton is an economic friend of mine. mr. president, you are no bill clinton. here is art to say why. art? >>guest: yes. >>neil: what do you make of this? >>guest: you know, bill clinton cut government spending as a share of g.d.p. by more than the next four best presidents combined. obama increased it enormously. bill clinton reappointed reagan's fed chairman twice. you have bernanke in ther
,500 workers. the executive vice president of cook medical, thank you for joining us. you were planning to add five new plants in the midwest and now the plans are off the table? >>guest: we hoped that would be our strategy for growth move forward the next few years. we had a plant facility we opened in illinois which was a tremendous success. a few years ago we had 300 jobs in canton. the community was supportive. we hoped that would be our model but now we cannot go down that route. >>eric: you estimate this could cost you $20 million or $30 million a year, is that right? >>guest: that is right. >>eric: we were talking about 3.8 percent medical device tax in obamacare that could be possibly not realized is in the if the law? >>guest: the tax, the additional tax we did not have before, so, sometimes people think of it as a sales tax but what it really is it takes 2.3 percent of our revenue and hads that to our tax bill. >>eric: so 2.3 percent. so, $20 million or $30 million so you decided not to hire the people to build the plant and did i read you are looking internationally to open plants e
to the viewers, most of the polls you seeing in your state and nationwide use register voters as the sampling frame. but as we move toward a likely voter sampling frame in the fall you will see that romney's percent will increase by two or three personal -- percentage votes. they will more likely to go republican. >>neil: how do you know that? >>guest: we have seen this in year after year. you can trace it back to the 1980's and 1990's. the modern political polling. the republicans while there are not as many republicans in country they are competitive in elections largely because they turn out at high are rates and come to the polls at high are rate than democrats. not true in every state. in a state like new hampshire democrats are high income and high education people and they vote about the same rate as republicans but in a lot of the swing stas, the lower income voters, minority voters, turn out at lower rates. >>neil: is it too early to get reliable data or voter reaction to the president, you know, emphasizing, again, this war on the rich? in other words, this class battle? any resonat
. >> on top of the existing bush tax cut they want give $5 trillion more in tax cuts to wealthiest among us. >> this is not about class warfare. this is about math. >> you have to make sure you are giving something back. >> we are not supposed to have a system with one set rules for the very wealthy. >> we can not have a culture that encourages selfishness. >> my mother and father dreamed as were as any reich guy dreams. >>neil: independents have decided "enough is enough." welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto, is this the next big worry for the budget? a new poll showing a bunch of independences are leaving the president, 53 percent now, favor governor romney compared to 39 percent for president obama. my guest says us versus them could be the reason why. it is remarkable, because, this could be the first tangible proof that the class warfare thing is now turning its guns on the administration. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, yes, this is a worrying sign for president obama. and let me say something about this number, that 53 percent for romney and 39 percent for obama, and if romn
would rather have us adopt something like the simpson-bowles plan. entitle president reform, and medicaid and medicare, they could not go up as fast. you cut spending. and you adopt the kind of tax reform that cuts rates but closes loopholes and some deductions. you could put a package together to raise enough money to get our government on the road back to balance. it will not happen overnight. you cannot raise taxes overnight. but you adopt a ten-year plan and you can make it work. that would ignite our economy again. i'm convinced. businesses in our country are sitting on more liquid assets than ever before in our history because they are uncertain. they do not have confidence about their tax rates. if we give them that confidence and show our government still has the capacity to solve a problem, you will see investment that will send the markets soaring and create millions of new jobs over the coming years. >>neil: senator lieberman, always good to see you. thank you very much. >>guest: be well. >>neil: independent senator from the fine state of connecticut. that would b
people are nervous with cash they put it in something that is safe, such as u.s. treasuries but you argue that cannot keep lasting. why? >>guest: because what will happen, all the countries that own our debt, and we are the number one holders of our debt, we are the big owners the but china and japan are behind us and they are growing. they will get tired of the low yields and will turn the treasuries and rates will go up. that will happen in the next six to 12 months because the fed is trying to keep it low. when we get a resolution on debt issue, hopefully some visibility, rates will normalize. >>neil: we stepped back from the last few days if you looked at the market, year to date, they are flat. we get worked up, up or down, when they move, but they are flat on the year. i don't know if that is a good testament or a bad testament. >>guest: i agree. it could be good because we could say the marks had a lot thrown at it and it stayed stable and we have got 8 percent and down a couple percent but it is an indication for people to say if you are flat or up, take a couple chips off the ta
, the class warfare rhetoric sort of the populist rhetoric, us versus them, poor versus rich, usually does not historically work well at the ballot box. the last democrat who was able to win on that platform, that rhetoric was harry truman in 1948. i don't think that this is necessarily a winning issue for the president. he will need more than that, he need as vision and forward- forward-looking precision if the future. that is not what will win the independents back to his side. >>neil: you mention harry truman, and he had a clear republic congress but this president has at least the senate going for him and the first two years of the presidency he had the full run of the table with the house of representatives and senate under his party's umbrella. so i agree that would be a tough comparison but i wonder whether the tracking polls that the administration is using, the bain capital stuff, is paying off. that the private capital attacks are paying off. when folks like massachusetts governor patrick came out last month and said, go slow, bill clinton more or less said "go slow," i wonder wh
,000, for an entire quarter, you know, you're looking at numbers that used to be what you would be getting per month coming out of the earliest quarter recession. half that which you'd be getting further away from the recession. nothing like that. why? >> you know, by the way, we months during the reagan expansion, 500, 600,000 and we're living in area are a of declining expectation. i believe, and a lot of economists in washington disagree but i think the issue of tax ma go aheaden, hitting the economy january 1st, major tax increases on investors, on businesses, employers, i think the employers are looking at that situation that's only six months away saying do i want to hire more workers? do i want to purchase that new plant when i'm looking at a big tax increase in january? the most important thing this president could do -- he should give a speech tonight saying the economy's weaker than expected. we're not going to do the tax increase because that's the factor that could throw the economy into a double dip. >> you have to give people something to look forward to. steve, thank you. very good se
you to show your papers but he won't show us his. >> he could not even become a cabinet member for that lack of disclosure. >> he could not be confirmed as a secretary he could not be confirmed as dog catcher because he would have to show his income tax returns. >>neil: and this pile on continues at governor romney fails to release all of his tax records but in pile on for fixing the economy and larry sabato is not surprised but i have to tell you, larry, this issue came up out of nowhere like someone said, yeah, this tax thing where do we stand on that. what is going on? >>guest: well, it is one thing right after another that the obama campaign is focusing on with respect to romney because, remember, they want to change the focus from president obama and his economic record over four years to the choice involved: will romney make a good president. is he qualified do make a good president. is he hiding anything, so it is bain capital, it is tax returns, it is gas, one thing right after another. whether people will care, that is another question. >>neil: we started the show, pro
are in the tank. welcome,en, i am neil cavuto. it is not just europe but now us because if the numbers are right we are drowning in debt, more than $44,000. per person. that is twice that of spain. that is worse than greece. as the u.s. debt keeps piling up thing of it this way, got a visa card, but you are way over the limit by $16 trillion and you may have to skip the family vacation and go to a community college and forget the ivy league school and maybe school in general, and if you think about retiring at 65, forget it. think that cannot happen, the colorado treasurer says it already is happening. what is happening here? >>guest: well, this is a serious severe problem which americans need to be aware of. we have become desensitized to big numbers, billions, trillions and most do not realize how it affect them and their home. as the figures you cite point out, this is threat being every single household with a mountain of debt $45,000, up to $75,000 over the next 10 years. in europe, we have seen our counterparts in greece and in italy and spain they only reacted to the problem after there h
&p downgraded the u.s. treasury and we hoped that more rating ages do thought downgrade the u.s. treasury. and we hope we don't have to get to the place where we have defaults or loss confidence in our economy. however, that is where we are headed if we did not address the problem, headed for a crisis of confidence both domestically and internationally with the treasury bonds. it makes borrowing more expensive. we -- it makes foreign investment more costly. americans need to realize that domestically and internationally interest rates are kept artificially low by the actions of the federal reserve and the actions of the european monetary union and we will be headed to a heard of hyper inflation, and everything is going to be more expensive, and we are not going do have the economic growth, we will not have the job growth we need to have and we will have a very tough time. >>neil: i think you are on to something and we have been warning and worrying about that outloud, too, here, but are the first signs appearing earlier than we thought, all the cities and states including san bernardino,
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